Restore Your Wedding Dress & Other Clothing

We love making your clothes look like new again!  Do you have a cherished wedding dress or favorite clothing items that have lost its original sparkle and shine?  You may have thought there was no hope to get it looking new again, but that’s not the case.  At Sunset Cleaners in Redding, we have been restoring wedding dresses for years!  In fact, we have taken old smelly blankets and dingy whites and made them look beautiful and new again with a clean, fresh smell!

Let us help to restore your wedding dress or any other article of clothing, drapes, blankets or favorite fabric piece.  Sunset Cleaners has over 25 years of experience in dry cleaning!  We’ll take out the drab, faded and yellowing of your wedding dress and give it a refreshing new look!

Look through your closets and find the clothing you’ve been hanging onto, wishing it could be cleaned up and made to look good again.  Bring it to us at Sunset Cleaners on Eureka Way and Buenaventura, and let us give it our expert cleaning!

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