Wash & Fold Services

Having a broken washing machine is the unluckiest thing to ever happen to a person, especially when the hottest time of the year is near!

Don’t waste that hard earn free time, scrubbing all your laundry by hand. When you can drop it on by our shop and we will get it done in half the time!

All you got to do is gather the desired load you want us to wash, Drop it by our shop between the hours of 7am-4pm and we will have it ready for you same day! its that easy!

Prevent a Wardrobe Malfunction!

We all have heard about celebrity wardrobe malfunctions and have seen how embarrassing they  can be!  Who would want their jeans zipper to break, their skirt seam to tear or have a seam break apart on a nice jacket?  Keeping your clothes fitted properly is part of avoiding wardrobe malfunctions like these.  If you've gained 5 or 10 pounds, you are at risk for a seam to rip open at just the wrong place and time.  Bring you clothes to Sunset Cleaners and see if their Tailor Amanda, can adjust the article of clothing to give you some extra room.  You can always bring it back in to be 'taken in' when you get the extra weight off.

Having properly fitted clothing will give you a more flattering appearance.  When clothes fit too tight, it can actually add extra pounds to how you look to others.  Another thing to think about is the length of your pants.  Many of the pants on the store racks fit just right except they are about 2 or 3" too long.  You don't want your pants dragging on the ground, so bring them to Sunset Cleaners and get them shortened to the right length.  Tailoring is just one of the many services that Sunset Cleaners provides.  Start looking through your closet and get your favorite clothes taken in, or let out.

Keeping Your Clothes Looking Like New!

Have you ever wondered why your friends’ clothes always look polished, crisp and clean?  Most likely it’s because they take them to the Dry Cleaners for regular cleaning.  Dry cleaning has become an important part of the professional business person’s household budget as they know looking well-dressed is advantageous in their work.  

In fact, a recent article talked about how ‘dressing for success’ is an integral part of an Entrepreneur’s business plan.  The author gave several examples of how he tested the theory and sure enough, landed many new accounts just because he updated his look. It’s true, a book IS judged by its cover!  It shouldn’t be that way, but in our society, the way you dress is directly related to how you are perceived.

Some people have never taken their clothes to the dry cleaners and may wonder what the benefits are to dry cleaning.  Getting stains out is definitely a must, and the Dry Cleaners is the best place to get that done.  You may have a favorite sweater that’s been hanging in your closet and now it smells musty.  Dry Cleaning is an effective way to remove certain types of odors.  If your clothes are continually shrinking in your washing machine, you might want to consider dry cleaning.  Because no water is being used, the color won’t run and the fabric won’t shrink.

One of my friend’s favorite uses of her local Dry Cleaners is to have them do the ironing for her! What a great idea!  Bring your laundry to the cleaners and they will clean it, iron AND fold it!  If your time is valuable or if laundry is on your list of things you just don’t like to do, then consider the alternative!