Have you lost some weight and now your favorite dress doesn't fit? Did you break a zipper or lose some buttons on a favorite shirt?

At Sunset Cleaners we can help you with all of your clothing care needs. Our experienced in-house tailor repairs all kinds of garments made from all types of materials. Whether you have everyday clothing, professional uniforms or formal wear, our tailor can make repairs and alterations for you. All of our tailoring and alterations are done by a professional tailor, on the premises. We never ship out your personal belongings.

For 16 years we have aspired to be the best dry cleaners and tailor service in Redding, CA. Our customers have come to depend on our great customer service, affordable prices and good quality work.  And we always have it done in a timely manner.


Some of our services include:

  • Custom Alterations and Tailoring
  • Men's Clothing: Jeans, Slacks, Shirts, Coats
  • Women's Clothing: Dresses, Blouses, Slacks, Skirts, Coats
  • Zipper Repair and Replacement
  • Shirt Alterations and Tailoring
  • Uniform Alterations and Tailoring
  • Household items: Sleeping Bags, Curtains, Decorative Pillows, etc.
  • Hems and Waistbands
  • Delivery (please call for details)

Not sure if an article of clothing can be fixed or mended? Before you toss away your favorite piece, come down and talk to our tailor. You don't even need an appointment. Bring your garment by and ask for Amanda, our tailor and Manager. She will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Call Amanda to schedule a fitting appointment Monday – Friday: 8am to 2pm